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6 Realistic New Year’s Resolutions for Working Women

As we say goodbye to 2013 and  hello to 2014, here are some resolutions to consider for a happy and productive you, all year-long.

I will be prepared for any situation

Wardrobe Essentials

From an important presentation or client meeting, to an interview for the position of your dreams, make sure you’re ready to impress. Stock your closet with such essentials as a black blazer, nude pumps, a tough trench coat, and a white shirt. They are the foundation to any functional work wardrobe. Mix and match them with your more ‘fun’ pieces to express your personal style.

I will sleep more, stress less

oKikos via Compfight cc
oKikos via Compfight cc

Natural go-getters believe they can run off adrenaline, coffee, and 5-hour-energy drinks. Not so. Resolve to get the right amount of shut-eye to aid in a having a don’t worry, be happy vibe.

I will get organized

Jeffrey Beall via Compfight cc
Jeffrey Beall via Compfight cc

If you a have a messy work space, whether in a cubicle, corner office or home desk, you are hindering your productivity. Also, an unorganized closet is recipe for a chaotic morning routine.  Vow to get your office and closet in order this year, and see the difference in your work.

I will say NO more

Ways to Say No

Many of us need to practice this. Become comfortable with saying ‘no,’ when feeling pressured to take on more than you think you can handle.

I will create a dress for success code

Dress Like a Boss
Jessica Pearson of “Suits” and Claire Underwood of “House of Cards.” Images via USA Network (left) & Netflix (right)

Dress like a BOSS.  That means, dress like how you want to be perceived in your professional life – but dress the part your way. Are you an HR manager who desires to start an HR consultant firm? Are you a copywriter at an ad agency who aspires to be creative director? Figure out your company’s formal or unwritten dress code and re-work your wardrobe, while injecting some individuality. You will command attention and respect in new ways.

I will enjoy what I do (and look good doing it) 

Image via Pinterest. (Photo credit: El País Semanal)

You’ve heard this time and again: do what you love. This is very real. Take time in 2014 to gauge your life and really check yourself. If you are not passionate and driven about what you are spending most of your waking hours doing, explore other options. No amount of fashion and style can save you from being miserable at work.

Happy New Year!


Spring Forward With Your Best Accessory

Your best accessory for Spring ’13 is not a statement bag, diamond earrings, the latest wedges, or a fancy watch. Forget the fashion accessory trends that come in and dazzle us, then go out of favor with a blink of an eye. The best accessory a working woman could ever wear, the one that will give her the most beautiful look that is classic yet timeless, and never goes out style is…


A good attitude is a priceless accessory. Don’t let anyone steal it.