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March Madness

Louis Vuitton Runway Spring/Summer 2013 (Getty Images)

The first signs of spring – warmth in the air, birds chirping, flowers blooming – cause a stir among women. We call it “March Madness” – not the college basketball tournament frenzy –  it’s the time of year when skirt lengths are higher, sleeves are shorter, bare legs appear under flowy dresses, and toes peep from shoes.

March Madness is the excited transition women make from hiding in bulky sweaters, tights, and boots to awakening our inner springtime with breezy, lightweight fabrics, a broader color palette, and a delicate showing of skin. Enhance the madness this year with big stripes, black-and-white contrasting, graphics, pattern mixing, ruffles, and pop colors.

Let the madness begin.



Spring Forward With Your Best Accessory

Your best accessory for Spring ’13 is not a statement bag, diamond earrings, the latest wedges, or a fancy watch. Forget the fashion accessory trends that come in and dazzle us, then go out of favor with a blink of an eye. The best accessory a working woman could ever wear, the one that will give her the most beautiful look that is classic yet timeless, and never goes out style is…


A good attitude is a priceless accessory. Don’t let anyone steal it.