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‘The Good Wife’ Costume Designer Dan Lawson on How to Look Great at Work on a Budget (Stylelist)

the good wife work style on a budget
Image via Stylelist

“The Good Wife” costume designer Dan Lawson offers tips on how to create a corporate work wardrobe on a tight budget:

  • Go high-low: Mix high-end with less expensive pieces. Dawson says he doesn’t care if an item is expensive as long as it looks good on the character and tells the story well (or for you, projects the impression you want others to have of you)
  • Expert tailoring: “Getting things tailored is key…” No matter the cost of your clothing, they won’t look good unless shaped to fit your individual curves. Dawson notes that a woman putting together a business wardrobe on a budget should put 20-30 percent toward alterations.
  • “Be aware of the whole package:” Focus on looking good from head to toe. Dawson advises to “don’t overdo the accessories! Have a clean, smart bag that goes with each outfit and one pair of excellent, classic business pumps that you can wear from outfit to outfit.”

27 Beauty Bargain Buys to Try (Refinery 29)

Image via Refinery 29

It is a new year, is it time for a new look? Before hitting the department stores and boutiques, check out Refinery 29’s picks for best new drugstore beauty finds.

21 Things That Happen When You Work In an Office (BuzzFeed)

Office fun with coworkers nicholas cage
Image via BuzzFeed (original source:

Like #15: “To spice things up, you’ll find ways to torture your fellow co-workers, and they’ll secretly love you for it.”

Model-Slash-Coder Shatters a Dozen Tired Stereotypes (Jezebel)

lyndsey scott model and coder
Image via @Lyndsey360

Lyndsey Scott is proving that models are more than just pretty faces. According to an interview with Pando Daily, Scott has coded since middle school, and graduated  Amherst in 2006 with a dual-degree in computer science. She ventured into modeling, working for brands such as DKNY and Calvin Klein. Scott’s current app, iPort, allows models, photographers and other creatives to create a digital porftolio of their work.

Fitbit Partners with Tory Burch For High Fashion Accessories (TechCrunch)

tory burch fit bit accessories
Image via TechCrunch
fitbit and tory burch accessories - fitbit dongle
Image via TechCrunch

Fitbit is popular among the health-and-fitness conscious who wear the wristbands to keep track of their daily activity and habits. At CES 2014, Fibit announced a partnership with designer Tory Burch, (the new queen of high-end prep – move over Kate Spade!) that will surely add more flair to the Fitbit collection. The Tory Burch-designed Fitbit line will be in stores in spring.

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