What Would Rachel Zane Do?

In response to the views of our stories on fashionable TV characters,“What Would (She) Do?” is a new series that looks deeper at the style of the ladies who rule the telly.  

Situation: You want to appear polished and head-to-toe together.

What would Rachel do?: Wear accessories that enhance, attract, and become signature to her look.

“Suits” paralegal Rachel Zane is a TV fan favorite for an office style that is youthful, ultra-feminine and tastefully constructed. And the accessories she wears (dainty necklaces, clean watches, diamond pendants, etc.) are important in defining her look.

Signature accessories are more than just the things you wear every day (e.g., a wedding ring, a watch). Certain accessories, because of the design details or the attitude in which you wear them, are integral in how you express statements about yourself.

By punctuating her outfits with select accessories, Rachel presents herself as a young, driven career woman who is organized (wearing only a few accessories at a time), detail-oriented (most are similar in design and complement her outfits), and shines through results, not pretension (she never wears them in an ostentatious way).

Coco Chanel
Coco Chanel, the queen of signature style

Signature accessories not only reveal information about your personality, they are also important in constructing your personal ‘dress for success’ code. But remember, accessories shouldn’t scream for attention, they should naturally attract it. When considering accessories that will define your style, ask yourself:

  • What is the attire policy (formal and/or unwritten) of my workplace – business conservative, relaxed, business casual?
  • What is my style personality e.g., am I classic, conservative, minimalist, colorful, funky, modern, trendy?
  • What kind of impression do I want to give: that I’m detail-oriented, eccentric, creative, opinionated, no-fuss, etc.?

A look inside Rachel Zane’s jewelry box

Tasteful diamonds

Image via Ross Simmons
Image via Ross Simmons
diamond stud earrings
Image via Stuller

Delicate necklaces

Image via Shop Bop
Image via Shop Bop
Gorjana locket necklace
Image via Shop Bop

Statement rings that catch the eye, not yell “look at me, please!”

Images via Etsy (top left, top right, bottom left) and David Yurman (bottom right)

Simple, dainty earrings

simple earrings
Images via Shop Bop (top right)


Images via David Yurman (left) and Cartier (right)

Clean, large-face watches

Images via Macy's (left) and Nordstrom (middle and right)
Images via Macy’s (left) and Nordstrom (middle and right)

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