10 Fashion Must Haves for Winter

Baby, it’s cold outside! But that doesn’t mean you have to trade looking good for staying warm during the workday. These 10 key pieces work hard to keep you stylish and toasty.

Essential Winter Fashion for Work


  1. The Little Black Dress – The LBD is never out of style. Go for a long-sleeved dress in a warm fabric such as wool or cashmere, or winterize what you already have with long sleeve tops or blazers.
  2. Black coat – A winter staple! What would we do without a fabulous black coat?
  3. Layering pieces – Adding light layers versus wearing bulky fabrics is the key to comfort in winter weather. Stock thin sweaters, dress shirts, turtlenecks, and other knit tops to mix and layer.
  4. Winter (lined) trousers – Pants in a sturdy wool gabardine with lining are both stylish and functional (and keeps the itching away).
  5. Thermals – When Jack Frost is nipping, you may need more insulation. Lightweight thermals in silk or merino wool add a soft, cozy layer of protection from the elements.
  6. Black tights – Don’t abandon your skirts in the winter, just keep your legs toasty with tights. (Tip: Pair black tights and black shoes to create a slimming line.)
  7. Gloves – Go high-tech with touchscreen capability so you can fiddle with your gadgets and keep your digits warm.
  8. Black boot – The current fall trend is thigh high but, for work, stick with at-the-knee and calf lengths, and booties (in flat, kitten or mid heel).
  9. Scarf – Always protect your neck, but why not try some color or a pattern? If you’re stuck on neutral, gray goes with practically everything.
  10. Sunglasses – The sun in the winter can be harsh, so always have some sunnies handy.

Bonus #11: Dark jeans – If your dress code is business casual or casual Fridays, a pair of simple, dark jeans are work-worthy when paired with a blazer or dress shirt. 

Style Inspiration – Winter Wonderland

The Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress (Pinterest)

Little Black Dress2 (Pinterest)Little Black Dress5 (Pinterest)

Black Coat

Black Coat1 (Pinterest)

Banana Republic Black Coat

Black Coat7 (Pinterest)


Layered looks5 (Pinterest)

Layered Looks6 (Pinterest)

Layered Looks7 (Pinterest)

Winter Trousers

Winter Pants1 (Pinterest)

Pants (Pinterest)

Pants 8 (Pinterest)




Black Tights

Kate Middleton in Black Tights

Black Tights

Black Tights7 (Pinterest)


leather touchscreen gloves (pinterest)

Touchscreen gloves (Pinterest)

Black Boot

Black boots (Pinterest - thatsnotmyage.blogspot.sg)

Black Boots (Pinterest)

Kate Middleton Black Boots (Pinterest)


Scarf4 (Pinterest)

Scarf (Pinterest)

Scarf5 (Pinterest)


Sunglasses4 (Pinterest)

Sunglasses5 (Pinterest)

Bonus – Dark Jeans 

Rose Whitely - Dark Jeans (Pinterest)

Jeans Pinterest

Casual Friday
Images via Pinterest

Think of the 10 must haves as the building blocks to a work-worthy winter closet. And note, if you live in an area with only a slight chill, many of these items can still work for you, albeit in lighter weight versions.

Make a list and check it twice!

Before you hit the stores, take an inventory of your current wardrobe – what you’re missing, what you can repair, and what you must toss and replace. Use our FREE Winter Shopping & Check List that includes tips and tricks (need help? see a sample version here).

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