Flashback Friday: Murphy Brown

Fifteen years after its finale, the TV series “Murphy Brown” still resonates with many women. A recovering alcoholic, single mother, and successful career woman, Murphy Brown (played by Candice Bergen) was both a flawed woman struggling to have it all and a feminist super hero.

Source: Vulture.
Source: Vulture.

Murphy Brown’s fashion was de rigueur for a trailblazing, rule-bending executive in the 1990s – power suits, menswear-inspired patterns, and large shoulder pads. Her steely edge – reminiscent of Katherine Hepburn – was softened by feminine touches of pastels, scrunched sleeves, and costume jewelry.

Check out Murphy Brown’s power look updated for today.

Style Inspiration – Murphy Brown in 2013

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Source: Refinery 29
Source: Refinery 29

“I couldn’t possibly put words in your mouth. Your foot is taking up too much room.” – Murphy Brown

Enjoy your week ahead!


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