The Week in Style

TWIS has been away, but it’s back! Here’s the week’s best around the Internet to keep you entertained and in style.

The Eyes Have It

How much are you willing to change to climb the career ladder? Julie Chen, co-host of the U.S. television show, “The Talk,” revealed she had plastic surgery to make her eyes seem “less Asian” after a former boss suggested that her Chinese-American features would be a professional roadblock.

Photos of Julie Chen before and after her Asian Blepharoplasty (also known as Double Eyelid Surgery).
Julie Chen shared photos before and after Asian Blepharoplasty (also known as Double Eyelid Surgery) to make her eyes look bigger. Doesn’t it look like she had Rhinoplasty too?

While the words stung, she believes having the surgery altered her course – for the better.

“I don’t like to live with regret. I did it, I moved on. No one’s more proud of being Chinese than I am, and I have to live with the decisions I’ve made, every decision I’ve made — it got to where we are today.” – Julie Chen

Color Your World

iPhone 5c in green, with a blue case. (Image via Apple)
iPhone 5c in green, with a blue case. (Image via Apple)

Unless you were under a rock, you know Apple announced the newest iPhones, the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c. Official pre-orders for the 5c began Friday, and Apple is also selling cases. According to SheFinds, the 5c case comes in 6 colors. The 5s case is leather and will be available when the phone hits stores September 20. Click here to see a slideshow of the cases.

Such a Tease

…And speaking of iPhones, the Burberry design team, led by Christopher Bailey, was among the first to get the new iPhone 5s. They collaborated with Apple to shoot a spring 2014 teaser video. The Burberry fashion show is on Monday, Sept. 16  (at 2:30 GMT+1) for London Fashion Week. Take a look.


Graphic Fashion (Blog of the Week)

Fashion in Infographics

From Fashion in Infographics. Original image via Emma
Image via Fashion in Infographics (original image via Emma).

If you like fashion and infographics, you’ll like Fashion in Infographics.  Simply, the blogger scours the Internet looking for fashion in infographic-style. It’s described as “a comprehensive blog/archive of infographics decoding fashion for both women and men, inspiring you to put your best (fashionable) foot forward.”

Enjoy your week ahead!


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