Eye on Style: Onna Ehrlich

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I met Nigerian-born, L.A.-based designer Onna Ehrlich in the early 2000’s at an apparel trade show in Miami, FL, where she was showing her exquisite handbags and wallets. I was there for MR Magazine to report on trends in contemporary men’s fashion, but I was distracted by a gray leather tote with ruching in her booth. It was calling my name. We had a lovely conversation, and Ehrlich convinced me to order the bag right there (not that it took much arm twisting). Considering she was relatively new on the scene, I marveled at the thought of my friends drooling over my bag and begging to know where I got it.

My first Onna Erhlich bag. I bought this version in gray. I carried that bag everywhere. Image via yayemarieba.blogspot.com/.
My first Onna Ehrlich bag. I bought it in a matte gray. And I carried it everywhere. (Image via yayemarieba.blogspot.com).

Being in the center of Hollyweird, it’s no surprise Ehrlich’s bags have been on the arms of many celebrities and in movies. But that’s not why you should want one. They are classically designed with modern touches and high-quality fabrics, making them perfect for everyday wear. Ehrlich creates statement bags without the insane statement price tag – from about US $150-$800+ – and they’re worth every penny. They will last you, trust me. I carried my tote around for over 5 years before I retired it.

Mila Kunis carries the Brooke FWB Bag in "Friends with Benefits."
Mila Kunis with the Brooke FWB Bag in “Friends with Benefits.” (Image via OnnaEhrlich.com)

Famed L.A. store Kitson called Ehrlich’s line conservative and fashionable, “…for the aspirational customer who wants to have a hot bag but doesn’t want to spend $1,500 or $1,800 for a Louis Vuitton.”

Right now, I’m lusting for the Stella Zipper tote featured above (US $440) from the new LA Luxe Collection, in cowhide leather with a suede lining and gold plate. The gold zipper edging gives it a tough boss lady look. I see it doubling as my work purse/laptop bag.

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