The Week In Links

Here are some stories from around the Internets to keep you entertained and in style.

Classical sculptures dressed as hipsters (Science Dump)

Too funny


You Deserve Happiness, So Stop Settling for Less (Brazen Careerist) 

“Too many of us go through life quietly enduring things that make us unhappy. We tolerate jobs that cut into our well-being. We stay in roles that rub and chafe and wear away at our happiness. In short, we settle.”

14 Science-Fiction Fashions That Are Now Reality (Buzzfeed)

“Print out your own haute couture.” 3D printed gown designed by Michael Schmidt and Francis Bitonti modeled by queen of burlesque Dita Von Teese. Source:

“Dresses transform with a flick of the wrist.” Source:;

4 Fashion Tricks for Your Next Interview (Careerealism)

Often, fashion ‘tips & tricks’ from non-fashion sites are usually void of real substance, but the takeaway here is that when styling yourself for an interview:

  • Convey confidence
  • Be comfortable
  • Dress for future success

Six Scientifically Supported Ways to Crush Procrastination (Life Hacker)

“Set “macro goals” and “micro quotas.” Your goals should be the large scale things that you hope to accomplish, that much is obvious. But your quotas are what you must get done everyday to make it happen.”




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