fashion faceoff: Dwyane Wade v. Gabrielle Union

This site is about a working woman’s style. But this one comes close to home and is funny.


Dwyane Wade, a superstar with the NBA’s Miami Heat, arrived to work last Sunday (Game 4 of the NBA Finals) trés chic in a Euro-inspired look. Lately, he has been the butt of jokes for his fashion choices; but this recent outfit turned into a humorous face-off with his girlfriend, actress Gabrielle Union. The image on the left of Gabrielle in Wade’s outfit certainly appears doctored. But holy moly if this was real – call the Featherstones, they have competition!

Wade is leading the charge of a metrosexual redux but hopefully, he and Gabrielle will never be in any real fashion faceoffs. Ever. And BTW: Wade’s bottoms are more cropped pants than Capris or “Manpris.”

So… Who wore it better?


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“All over the country I somehow find myself engaged in conversations with men who would never normally discuss things like patterns, color or cut, but it’s happening everywhere I go. These guys are both straight and gay. …”

– Nick Graham, chief executive of NGO Inc. and founder of Joe Boxer

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