Sharing Your Closet Has Its Perks

Sharing what you wear with the world has its perks. RNKD, a twist on loyalty reward programs, encourages users to upload photos of their clothing and accessories to earn points toward rewards from brands.


The goal is to connect brands with the consumers who love them. Nick Swinmurn, the founder of, launched RNKD last week (Read more about Swinmurn and in Tony Hsieh‘s (awesome) book, Delivering Happiness). “The long-term vision is that each consumer has a unique shopping experience based on their past relationship with each brand,” said Swinmurn (via AdAge). To date, no brands have signed on yet.

The concept is at least interesting in that RNKD rewards consumers for what they already own and their current brand loyalty. Say your favorite work pants are from Banana Republic. Wouldn’t you like a special incentive (e.g., lower price, BOGO) for your proven (through posting and sharing) allegiance to the Martin trouser?

Curious? Thinking of joining? Here’s what you need to know (via

  • Build your profile: index your closet by uploading photos of clothes and accessories to earn points.
  • Follow friends and compete for a better RNKD score: get rewarded by brands for uploading photos on RNKD.
  • Discover new brands: browse other people’s closets on RNKD.
  • Build relationships with your favorite brands: showcase items you own and love.

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