If Looks Could Kill…

…Actress Dana Delany would be guilty! Delany stars as the ultra-chic Dr. Megan Hunt in ABC’s medical drama “Body of Proof.” As a former neurosurgeon turned medical examiner, Dr. Hunt puts a fashionable spin on her deathly day job. The stylish doc puts in work sporting sharp-fitting suits and separates, killer heels, and mammoth totes.

Dana Delany as Dr. Megan Hunt in “Body of Proof” (ABC)

“Body of Proof” costume designer Roberta Haze outfits Delany’s character in designer duds, highlighting Dr. Hunt’s luxe taste from her days as a high-powered (and well-paid) surgeon. “I think that she is fashion forward, but I wouldn’t say she is trendy…”, said Haze of the fictional doc’s style in a Zap 2 It article.

“Body of Proof” (BodyofProof.net)

Haze offers the following tips, perfect for WoWo’s who want Dr. Hunt’s polished office look but don’t have a TV studio’s (or neurosurgeon’s/medical examiner’s) budget:

“Body of Proof” (Bodyofproof.net)
  • Tip #1: “Instead of buying three of something, buy one…People go and buy 20 outfits at $100. My suggestion is save up and buy a Prada dress that you can wear with a jacket and wear with anything.” 

WoWo says: We champion quality over quantity every day. ‘Tis better to have 10 sturdy, wearable pieces that last than a crammed closet of cheaply made items that you must replace every season. What a foolish drain on your wallet. However, you don’t have to go broke trying to buy true designer. Look at contemporary labels such as Theory and Tahari, and bridge collections such as Marc by Marc Jacobs, DKNY, Lauren by Ralph Lauren for some quality pieces. With the right care, they can last several seasons.

  • Tip #2: “The most important part of [the] look…is (to be) tailored and appropriate…

WoWo says: Find items that fit your frame well. Get as close of a fit you can, then tailor it to fit you perfectly! Gaps in the waistband, too-boxy blazers, pants that are too tight in the crotch or legs that drag on the floor look sloppy, no matter what you’re profession.

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